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A Simple Rigging Plan for the Busy Coach


Frustration and rowing equipment go hand-in-hand. For example, do you ever think you’re leaving boat speed in the boathouse? Feel like there’s more you can get out of your equipment? 

Rigging expert Dr. Mike Davenport gets it. He’s spent years teaching, writing, and speaking about how to get the most from your rowing-equipment, while reducing stress and balancing life.

This workshop will take a deep-dive into these topics and more in an intensive, one day hands-on rigging and rowing equipment clinic. This rigging clinic is perfect for coaches who want an easier life and rowing athletes who want to stack the speed cards in their favor.

In this clinic, limited to only 20 participants, you can expect to learn:

  • A simple rigging plan, including the Pyramid of Boat Speed and Performance
  • Why focusing on “leverage” and “load” will make you faster
  • The impact of rigger, oar, foot stretcher, blade size and oarlock on the rower
  • How to correctly measure and adjustment your equipment for speed
  • How and where you can find rigging numbers for your situation
  • Why outside forces (such as weather) impact your rigging and what you can do.

Come ready to learn by doing. 

This clinic will use the format of “teach, do, feedback.” Blending discussion of effective ways to measure and adjust equipment, with hands on activities, you’ll have the chance to get in touch with your rigging and the equipment and what you learn will stick, thanks to direct feedback from rigging expert Mike Davenport.

Reduce your frustration. Get your questions answered. Take your rigging and your team to the next level when you join us...

Sunday, November 19th from 9AM-3PM


Register Today!


 Register before 10/20/17 for $125 and after for $150 (includes lunch) 

Questions? E-mail us at

A Simple Plan for Rigging is presented by rigging expert Dr. Mike Davenport in conjunction with the Institute for Rowing Leadership at Community Rowing, Inc. Mike has been coaching rowing for 36 years, was boatman for the 1992-1995 U.S. World Championship teams as well as for the 1996 Olympic Team, created MaxRigging, and has authored numerous books on rowing and coaching and is a regular speaker at coaching conferences, workshops, and conventions.

Previous workshops have included:

  • June 2017: Based on the belief that Leadership + Culture = Success, the one day Leadership workshop with Jen Baker for collegiate head and assistant coaches focused specifically on coaches learning about themselves as a leader and leveraging their leadership philosophies into creating a leadership development paradigm for athletes.