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After completing Adult Intro to Rowing, you can move on to Novice Sweeps, successful completion of which will allow you to participate in General Sweeps I and then General Sweeps II.

Some, but not all, recreational rowers move on to competitive rowing. We have recreational rowers who have been with us for many years, happy to be out on the water getting a good workout. Others spend a year in the recreational program and then transition to our competitive teams. Yet others come to us from other programs or college rowing and go straight to our competitive programs.

Novice Sweeps

Already completed Intro to Rowing? Your next step is Novice Sweeps. Expect to experience more of the grace and power of rowing as you work on skills and fitness. Classes begin in the barge, reinforcing basic skills and knowledge of rowing, and then move into eights. Rowers take turns in the coxswain seat to help their fellow classmates navigate the river safely and to improve their knowledge of the sport. A coach will always be nearby.

Participants should have successfully completed Intro to Rowing or have comparable experience and knowledge of safety protocol. In addition, athletes should be able to handle rowing equipment safely, get in and out of the boat, and understand how to handle boats and oars properly. Any questions? Call us. We’ll help you find the right program.

Prerequisite: Intro to Rowing or previous rowing experience. Must have a valid swim test on file.

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General Sweeps 1

If you already have some rowing experience and are eager to improve your technique, fitness level, and strength, join General Sweeps 1 to build your rowing skills and work in a group environment while enjoying the beauty and excitement of the Charles River!

To enjoy this class, you should speak with your Novice Sweeps coach about whether you are ready to move on, be able to demonstrate basic (not expert) proficiency in square blade rowing and feathering, and be ready to try continuous all-8 rowing. You should also understand and demonstrate knowledge of the finish, hands away, body over, half-slide, and catch. Any questions? Call us.

Prerequisite: Novice Sweeps or previous rowing experience. Must have a valid swim test on file.

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General Sweeps 2

General Sweeps 2, the final level of our recreational program, is for athletes of all ages who have a solid background in rowing and want to take their skills to the next level while challenging their fitness and strength. If you love the raw power and excitement of 8s rowing, the camaraderie of a team environment, and the chance to work on your own technical goals, you’ll enjoy General Sweeps 2. Classes take place in the 8s and consist of regular technical critique, drills, and consistent rowing designed to test skills and build fitness. There will not be set line-ups, but coaches will group similar ability levels together. It may be possible to participate in local sprint or head races.

Participants should have achieved completed General Sweeps 1 or have previous rowing experience, demonstrate proficiency in completion of rowing drills (pic drill, pause drills, sequencing drills), and be comfortable rowing all 8. Participants should also be eager to achieve a more-polished, more-efficient rowing stroke, be prepared to row continuously, and want to get a workout. Although this program features the supportive and friendly environment of all CRI programs, participants are expected to come to practice ready to focus on team and individual goals. Any questions? Call us.

Prerequisite: General Sweeps 1 or previous rowing experience. Must have a valid swim test on file.

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All rowers must have a swim test on file at CRI.
All rowers must pay the Facilities Fee to participate.
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