CRI Coach Round Table #1

by Patrick Larcom

Peter Donohoe CRT1 11 14 18Are you interested in connecting with other coaches?  Coach round tables are a great way to do it.  At CRI we're getting everyone together to hang out, eat some delicious food, share a drink or two from Craft Beer Cellar, and talk about rowing. The invitation is open to any coaches that can make it from along the river, at CRI, and in the area. Come ready to connect with fellow coaches, share ideas from personal experience, and learn from others. All we ask is that coaches signup on our google form in advance so we can plan accordingly. You can find the signup on our Facebook page.  CRI Coach Round Tables will be held regularly on the third Wednesday of every month.

Checkout the topic, questions, and content below from CRI Coach Round Table #1, which takes place on Wednesday, 11/14/18 at 7pm.

Keep an eye on this post for content from the evening...

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Topic: Fall to Winter - “Building” a Healthier and More Capable Athlete
Presenter: Peter Donohoe - Olympian and Strength & Conditioning Coach
Facilitator: Tom Siddall - IRL Fellow 2019

Description: Peter will share simple strategies for better movement. He likes to look at all aspects of an athlete’s development, balance, mobility, flexibility and function as necessary “parts of the machinery” before loading. The goal is always improving performance, but shouldn’t be at the cost of function. There are many ways to improve function, while still developing strength and Peter is excited to share and explore with coaches at CRI.

Questions for Coaches to think about in preparation:
1. How do you run conditioning without the erg?
2. What functional skills do you incorporate and when do you load?
3. What might be missing from your program?

Bonus Question:
What should we call this meeting of sharing and learning with fellow coaches? Does 'Coach Round Table' do it for you, or do you have any better ideas?

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