Military Rowing

Community Rowing Inc. (CRI) offers state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and experienced coaching staff to provide a variety of rowing programs to active duty and reserve service members, veterans, and families from every branch and era of military service.

The facilities are fully accessible and CRI welcomes those of all ages, abilities, and experience levels. Through generous community and foundation support, veterans, active duty service members, and their families are able to participate in CRI military and veteran programming free of charge.

Who is eligible?

  • Active Duty Service Members
  • National Guard and Reservists
  • Veterans/Service-disabled Veterans
  • Gold Star Spouses
  • Spouses of Active Duty Service Members

Available Courses: Spring, Summer and Fall

To learn more schedules and registration please see program offerings on the right side of this page.

Military Sweeps:

This program teaches the basics of sweep rowing in a coed team setting for those interested in a fun and challenging training program with the goal of competing at appropriate levels as skills progress. Participants start by learning the basics of the rowing stroke and join experienced military and veteran rowers as confidence and capabilities improve.

Adaptive Sweeps/Sculling:

This program is for military and non-military participants with disabilities and includes indoor and on-water rowing for fitness and recreation in sculling boats meant for one or two rowers. Experienced staff and volunteers adjust the equipment for each boat so the capabilities of each participant is maximized. Coaching is provided both on and off the water, and each participant is monitored on the water by a coach in a motorized boat. Adaptations to equipment can be made for any/all disabilities, including: sensory impairment, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, amputees, traumatic brain injuries, social/emotional impairments, cognitive disabilities.

VA Out-Patient Recreational Therapy Sculling/Sweeps:

This program includes indoor rowing and on water rowing in sculling boats for fitness and recreation.

Military and Veteran Sculling for Women:

CRI is committed to providing a rewarding experience for military and veteran women through this sculling class for military and veteran women of all skill levels.

Open Military, Veterans, Friends and Family Sculling:

Military and veterans may bring friends and family to this sculling class, as they learn on a week-to-week basis.

How do I join?

  1. Go to the top of this page 
  2. On the right side of the page, under the gray bar titled ‘Military/Veterans’ register for Military Intake
  3. The CRI Intake Specialist will contact you to schedule a time to go through the intake process
  • The intake process happens over three sessions (or fewer if necessary) and allows the Intake Specialist to determine which program is appropriate for the athlete
  • The first session of the intake assesses the athlete’s medical history and rowing aspirations and introduces them to the rowing stroke on the indoor rowing machine
  • The second and third session take place on the water with a coach who will give basic instruction and adapt equipment as needed 

Our Military Program runs with support from: