Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn is the second oldest of four to parents James and Annmarie Smith. Born into a very athletic family, she played all sorts of sports growing up in order to keep up with her very athletically talented siblings. Jaclyn was inspired to row when she attended high school at Our Lady of Mercy Academy and they offered rowing as a varsity sport.

She took up rowing because she believed it was a sport that she would be able to excel in. She favors all New York sports teams: the Yankees, Giants, Rangers, and Knicks. Her favorite book is "Hope Solo's Memoir" and her favorite TV show is "Friday Night Lights." During her free time, Jaclyn loves going to the beach and spending time with friends. She says that living out her dreams of rowing on the United States National Team would not be possible without the continuous love and support of her family and friends, but specifically her parents, grandparents, and Coach, Nicoleta Mantescu.